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The Best Cheap Hotels Near Leicester Square

Cheap Accommodation in Leicester Square.
Leicester Square is located in the West End, London, one of the most important destinations in the British capital. Every year millions of tourists visit this iconic area of Central London attracted by all its attractions.
Unlike other districts of London, accommodation is undoubtedly one of the most expensive things in this area, especially if you are looking for medium to high standard accommodation.
If your idea is to stay near Leicester Square on your next trip and you are looking for cheap accommodation, we can help you with the following information, where we provide you with a list of cheap hotels in Leicester Square, West End.
The following list includes hotels recommended by hundreds of guests who have stayed there and have left their real and sincere reference. We hope you enjoy your visit to the city to the fullest, without any unpleasant surprises for booking hotels with bad references.

We did the work for you. Why?

Only hotels with very good scores

● Because we have worked to compile a guide of the best hotels in Leicester Square with true references from guests who stayed at each one.
● So you can be sure that whatever hotel in Leicester Square you choose, you’ll have a great stay, with the comfort and service you deserve.

Cheap Hotels around Leicester Square located within 10 blocks radius of distance.

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Astor Museum Hostel Cheap Hotels in Leicester Square

Astor Museum Hostel

3 Start ★★★

27 Montague Street, Camden, London

900 m from Leicester Square, situated front of the British Museum. 10 mins walk from Astor Museum to Oxford Street, Soho and Piccadilly Circus are less than 20 mins.
Cheap hotels in Leicester Square


4 Start ★★★★

91 Dean Street, Soho, Westminster Borough, London

600 m from Leicester Square. Is 3 minutes’ walk to the shops on Oxford Street. The theatres, clubs, and restaurants in the West End and Piccadilly Circus are 7 minutes’ stroll.
Cheap Hotels in Leicester Square

Seven Dials Hotel

2 Start ★★

7 Monmouth St, Camden, London

400 m from Leicester Square Underground Station. Neighbouring London’s West End and just off Shaftesbury Avenue and less 500 m from 3 Tube stations and Covent Garden Market.
Cheap Hotel in Leicester Square

Covent Garden Suites

2 Start ★★

Upper St Martins Lane, Westminster Borough, London

100 m from Leicester Square, Popular points of interest near the holiday home include Arts Theatre, Royal Opera House and Queen’s Theatre.
Cheap Hotels near Leicester Square Station

Piccadilly Circus Suites

2 Start ★★

Panton Street, Westminster Borough, London

300 m from Leicester Square. Located 300 m from Prince of Wales Theatre, near Trafalgar Square, Queen’s Theatre and Piccadilly Circus.
Cheap Hotels near Leicester Square Station

Strand Continental

2 Start ★★

143, Strand, Westminster Borough, London

700 m from Leicester Square, is a 10-mins walk of Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. The London Eye is a 15-minute walk.
Grange Lancaster Hotel

Grange Lancaster Hotel

3 Start ★★★

4 – 6 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury, Camden, London

10 Blocks from Leicester Square, Oxford Street is a 10-minute walk away and the British Museum is only 5 minutes from the hotel.

🔥 From £100 to £180 per night

St Giles London near Leicester Square

St Giles London

3 Start ★★★

Bedford Avenue, Camden, London

7 Blocks from Leicester Square, Located in London’s West End, less than 5 minutes’ walk from Tottenham Court Underground Station and Oxford Street shops.
cheap hotels in leicester square station

Club Quarters Hotel

4 Start ★★★★

61 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Camden, London

9 Blocks from Leicester Square Underground Station. The Royal Opera House is within 10 minutes’ walk as is Covent Garden.
Strand Palace Hotel

Strand Palace Hotel

4 Start ★★★★

372 Strand, Westminster Borough, London

5 Blocks from Leicester Square, Located in the West End within just 700 m of the Adelphi and the Vaudeville theatres. Trafalgar Square is an 8 mins walk away..
Cheshire Hotel Central London

Cheshire Hotel Central London

3 Start ★★★

110 Great Russell Street, Camden, London

7 Blocks from Leicester Square, is a 2 mins walk from Tottenham Court Road Tube Station and the Dominion Theatre. Piccadilly Circus is a 10-minute walk.
Radisson Blu Edwardian Kenilworth

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Kenilworth

4 Start ★★★★

97 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, Camden, London

7 Blocks from Leicester Square, located just 50 m from the British Museum and a 5-minute walk from lively Oxford Street and 5-mins walk from Covent Garden.
The Grand at Trafalgar Square

The Grand at Trafalgar Square

4 Start ★★★★

8 Northumberland Avenue, Westminster, London

5 Blocks from Leicester Square, In London’s West End, just off Trafalgar Square, metres from Nelson’s Column and 200 m from the National Gallery.

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Typical tips for finding Cheap Hotels in Leicester Square

Cheap Hotels in Leicester Square

Travel in off-season

The simplest advice is perhaps the one that will allow you to get hotels even cheaper than usual. Usually the travel seasons are divided into three: high, low and medium.

The high season tends to be summer vacation (June-August) and winter vacation (December-January). The low season is usually accompanied by the worst weather but is also the cheapest season to travel, however, the best season to travel is the average which is usually spring and autumn.

The middle season is perhaps the most advisable to travel, in order to get the cheapest prices as well as to enjoy the destinations with the best climate and avoid multitudes.

Check out the holidays

After the season it is very important that you check if there are no holidays or long weekends during your trip.

The most common example would be Holy Week, although technically it is mid-season, and would be an ideal travel season, it is also the season when more people travel, in some destinations even more than during the summer.

If you are unlucky enough to have it coincide, then try to change travel dates to avoid high hotel prices.

Book in advance

The advice to book in advance is perhaps the second most common advice to get cheap hotels in Leicester Square London but I think few people understand why.

Contrary to airline tickets, the price of hotels does not change drastically with the time you book, in fact prices are already set by season and have been for a long time, however, booking in advance gives you the opportunity to have more options to choose from.

The hotels that will sell out first will always be the ones that are good, nice and cheap. At the end of the day you will be left with hotels that may be out of your budget.

So you know, if you want to get a cheap hotel that fits your budget and preferences then book well in advance.

Travel from Sunday to Wednesday

Hotels know that, with the exception of business travelers, most people make their trips from Thursday to Sunday, as it is easier to take a day or two off from the office to take advantage of the weekend and return home on Sunday to be at work early on Monday. For this reason, hotel prices vary considerably from a weekend to half a week.

If it is possible to move your travel days try to make them from Sunday to Wednesday, these days you will find the prices of the cheapest hotels.

Get your priorities straight

If it’s about reducing costs then you need to be aware that sometimes you will have to make certain sacrifices of comfort in order to save a little.

Cheap hotels will not always have all the amenities such as, for example, some do not have air conditioning, the bed is hard, the bathroom is small, there are no windows, the towels look like paper, breakfast is not included, they charge for WiFi, etc. It is very important that from the beginning you are clear that you are willing to sacrifice and that you are not.

In my case the size of the bathroom is not important but I always choose to have air conditioning. I can tolerate sleeping in any space as long as the room is cold enough.

Deciding this might not help you find cheap hotels but it will definitely make you find a hotel that fits your budget and preferences.

Analyze the total cost involved in the hotel

The total costs of a trip, although largely hotel and transportation, are also made up of many small additional expenses that can raise your budget considerably.

When you go to book a hotel, in addition to the price, consider other issues such as:

  • Laundry in the building or whether the room has a washing machine available.
  • How easy is it to get there by public transportation from the airport, train or bus station.
  • If it includes breakfast or has a kitchen to prepare at least breakfast. As a curious fact, based on our travel style, the average cost of preparing breakfast for 5 days for two people is equivalent to a meal for two people in a restaurant in the city.
  • How many restaurants are in the surroundings.Sometimes the only restaurant available is from the same hotel and can be expensive.
  • How many supermarkets are in the vicinity. You may have a kitchen available but there is no place nearby to buy the ingredients.

To resume, these are the most important points to consider for cheap accommodation in Leicester Square London would be: choosing the right travel season, booking hotels in advance and being aware of all the extra costs you might have to stay in certain hotels.


How to get here

  • Metro: Northern and Piccadilly lines, Leicester Square station
  • Train: At Charing Cross Station
  • Bus: 24, 29 and 176 lines
  • Car: There are several parking lots nearby
  • Walking: Take Piccadilly Circus up to Coventry Street

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